Apricus Biosciences has produced a cream called Vitaros®.

In order to accept this medication as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, the Netherlands presented an application that has now been approved through the European Decentralised Procedure by the European Commission. However, the Netherlands was acting as a reference state for the following European countries: Sweden, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and the UK. Therefore, the cream can now be marketed in all these aforementioned countries.

You can read more information on the medication here - http://www.apricusbio.com/pipeline/vitaros/

Vitaros® has been created to treat males with Erectile Dysfunction. It is an innovative medication because, since now, the main active ingredient (i.e. alprostadil) had to be either injected or administered via pellet. This cream therefore is a much more appealing way to absorb the medication and many patients, that hadn’t tried alprostadil before, might feel more at ease to trying it. Also, men that have had alprostadil administered in the old ways might want to switch to Vitaros®.

This is not the only product that Apricus Biosciences is working on at the moment. Apparently, they also want to target women. It has been shown that women can get a sexual dysfunction too: namely, Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). Keeping alprostadil as the main active ingredient, the pharmaceutical company has been testing the medicine they called Femprox®.  Trials have already been implemented and so we wait for further information about this product and its release date.